The Nude Uterus

The Musings of a Neurotic Mama, Trying to Get Knocked Up... Again


Aren't You Sweet!!!

So nice of you to be looking for me here, but you can find me here, instead. That's where all my monthly & mental musings are depositted. See you around, I hope!


Still Here...

Smack in the middle of the damn 2ww. Even though my FF isn't recognizing an O day, I did an override, so I am (according to me) on 8DPO.... I hate this waiting game..... temps are still rising, so that's promising that I did actually O, when the OPK said I was. hhhmmmmm..... we shall see, eh? I've stockpiled HPT's under my sink, so I'm probably gonna test by 13DPO. Happy Fourth o' July, right?? Thankfully, we have weekend activities to keep my mind pre-occupied. I love America. But not my uterus. stupid thing, just work with me on this one, would ya???